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How can one find the right words for someone bigger than life?!

I feel like I was blessed to be at the right place and time when I met doctor Sharyn Wynters who has truly changed my life since. Apart from meeting my soul sister, Sharyn has been showing me the way to dramatically improve my health and well-being. She makes a difference for so many by unconditionally sharing her unmatched knowledge and expertise in naturopathic medicine. Sharyn inspires and generously helps everyone around her, and I am endlessly grateful for her being in my life and her priceless guidance with how to best navigate my health issues naturally. Everything I've learned from her, every advice she's given me, every natural product she's recommended have hugely improved my health, looks and overall well-being. Sharyn is a naturopath of the highest caliber. The Wynters Way works miracles!

Julia Butler



I trust Dr. Sharyn Wynters totally and completely with my health; I have lost faith entirely with the traditional medical community and Big Pharma. Sharyn is always on top of the latest breakthroughs in natural healing and supplementation, and whatever she recommends immediately becomes my regimen. Sharyn’s advice and care have changed my life, and I am eternally grateful.

Rebecca Holden

Singer, Actress, Host, Performer

from the hit tv series, Knight Rider

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"Sharyn Wynters is one of the rare health care professionals that understand the significance of treating body, mind and spirit with effective natural treatments that address the problem as opposed to the symptom.

After suffering terrible menopause symptoms for several years I had all but lost hope of getting my problem under control without hormone replacement, which has unpleasant and dangerous side effects and is said to cause cancer.

Sharyn Wynters put me on a simple program of natural herbs and foods which have completely alleviated the night sweats and hot flashes.

Other benefits came as a pleasant surprise. I injured a thumbnail many years ago and had not been able to get it to grow out without bumps and ridges and discoloration. After a few months on Sharyn’s program the nail finally grew out healthy once again. Another healing came by way of an ugly dark patch that had developed on my cheek while using antibiotics in the Caribbean sun. For years I had tried to bleach it off and scrub it off, but nothing worked. I had to apply a lot of makeup to cover it when I worked on a film. I was considering laser treatments when I noticed the patch had begun to fade after starting Sharyn’s Wynters program. Now, the patch has completely disappeared from my face.

Sharyn has enhanced my health and life in everyway. I have more energy and feel better physically and mentally when I’m on her program. I feel blessed to know her and appreciative for the contributions she has made to my health and wellbeing. Thanks Sharyn, you’re the best!”

- Lonette McKee, Actress

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"Since I’ve been on Sharyn Wynter’s program, which has been about 2 years, I have not been sick! For most people this would be good…for a professional singer, this is an absolute necessity! In Los Angeles, a huge percentage of singers get sick around December and don’t fully heal for several months. This is a real liability in our business! I feel that my body is getting the nutrition that it craves. Thanks Sharyn!"

- Cathy Segal-Garcia, Jazz Singer and Song Writer

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"Sharyn Wynters has recently published her fabulous book “The Pure Cure” (formerly “Survive!”) that I think everyone should have in their household. I refer to it daily."

- LaDonna / Universal Flow – Creativity Trainer, Author, Fine Artist, and Performing Artist

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These days require more than just a quick doctor visit and prescription. After attending one of Sharyn’s Gut Health events, I have been empowered to take not only my own family’s health to a new level, but also able to help share her wonderful knowledge and holistic healing with my own clients and their families. She is beyond helpful and supportive, she takes her care to a deeper, more compassionate level. Her professionalism is very genuine and what she shares will help heal the world generations deep. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sharyn for sharing your gifts and resources. We are blessed to have you in our world.

~Antoinette Rascon, Holistic Health Practitioner, INHC, author, Family

Wellness Advocate