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The human race has invented nearly every toxin imaginable. In our food, there are chemicals that kill pests, make foods ripen faster and grow bigger, and lengthen shelf life. In our clothing, chemicals make fabrics soft, keep them from wrinkling, make them fire retardant and resistant to stains, and keep them from collecting static. In our kitchens and bathrooms, chemicals create suds, remove grease, stiffen our hair, make our skin feel smooth, stop us from perspiring, change our hair color, lengthen our lashes, and make us smell good.

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DNA Tests Kits for Genetic Markers and Personalized Health

Get started today with your DNA test through our affiliate Uforia Brands, and receive customized information on how your genome can be used to create a personalized nutrition and health plan.

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Gut Health Products

Proprietary formula is designed to promote a healthy digestive system and cell growth.


amped Coffee

Give yourself more energy every morning with the proprietary coffee blend from our affiliates at Uforia Brands! Unlike typical off the shelf coffees, Amped™ is packed with antioxidants, amino acids and protein to support your health! Adding protein may help people who regularly skip breakfast meet their daily protein requirements. The Hapitropics™ 2amino5® blend infuses your favorite morning beverage with other potential benefits as well. Amino acids may help to build muscle mass, transport nutrients, support a healthy immune system and assist with other important functions in the body.


Sheild MZ

Our ÜFORIA Science® research and development teams continue to seek innovative and time-tested solutions for our customers. The latest in our line is Shield MZ, an amazing answer for those in search of the very best in micronized zeolite supplements.


Immune XP

Our latest exciting breakthrough in nutritional science, Immune XP combines three powerful, synergistic, immune-supporting compounds (pinecone extract, humic and fulvic acid, and pyrroloquinoline quinone).

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