My mantra is "healing is an adventure" because we must look at our body as a whole, and when something is not right, it tells us to heal it. Stress today can wreak havoc on our body and its systems, so it's important to regenerate your body through taking actions to allow it to heal itself. Learn more about my services below, and contact me today!

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Naturopath Consulting

Naturopath medicine uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself. It combines the wisdom of nature with science in order to diagnose, treat, and help people suffering from acute or chronic conditions. As a naturopathic practitioner, this holistic approach to health and wellness addresses the root cause of the symptoms at every level, incorporating the mind, body, and spirit. I offer naturopath therapy and consulting to help you heal from your ailments. Reach out today.

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Digestive Health & Nutrition Consulting

My goal as a naturopathic practitioner is to help you with your digestive health and nutrition. Several key components contribute to digestive health. These include nucleotides, antioxidants, and postbiotics. We use DNA testing in order to get a better understanding of your body's particular needs.

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DNA Testing

Since every individual is unique, their bodies react differently to food and treatments. With DNA testing, we are better able to see how your genetic makeup may be contributing to present and future maladies that you may be predisposed to. From here, we are able to craft a nutrition plan and recommend products that will help you heal and keep you healthy.

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With more than 30 years of helping others live a wonderful life through my naturopath, nutrition, and digestive health counseling, I can help you live your best life ever. We offer wonderful health products through Wynter's Way affiliate Uforia Brands, as well as DNA test kits that look for genetic markers that help us create a personalized nutrition program for your overall health and wellness. Get started with naturopathic therapy today!

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