New Year – A new YOU!

This New Year, make a commitment to a NEW YOU!

I recently received a short testimonial with permission to use it in my work. It came from a woman who had tried many different approaches to her health problems – so many, in fact, that she was hesitant to try one more thing. But she did … and here is what she has to say:

“I have been suffering from inflammation for a long time and it severely affected my mobility in healing from a hip impingement and torn meniscus. The tipping point was committing to the five essential Sunrider products. Within two weeks, the inflammation was reduced by 80% and I was able to achieve a rapid rehabilitation with my physical therapist within a short time period — after nine months of stagnation. I fully credit my recovery process to Sunrider.” — Dawna Shuman, Lighthouse PR – Los Angeles

Why do the Sunrider products produce results when so many other products fail? The answer is simple. Sunrider products are formulated according to principles of balance and harmony. They are inspired by ancient Chinese herbal healing practices that have served the test of time (over 5000 years), and they are formulated by a master herbalist who comes from a long line of Chinese herbalists.

Sunrider products are not just a mix of the hottest superfoods you can buy. (You’ve all heard that before – right?) Sunrider products combine just the right amount of the right herbs and foods in synergistic formulas that support the cleansing and regeneration of your body. Commitment to taking them regularly is the key. So as the New Year rolls around, make the commitment for a New You in 2015.

Most New Year’s resolutions never become reality because they are just a wish and not a real commitment. Are you committed to a healthier, happier you? One thing is for certain. You can’t go wrong with Sunrider.

Do you want to be healthier and slimmer in 2015?

The SunTrim Plus Pack when taken with the essential Sunrider foods will support your health and your physique in 2015. It’s time to re-commit to the whole program.

Many weight loss products contain ingredients that are hard to digest (fillers and protein isolates). You may lose weight initially because you are starving your body of “real food.” But this disrupts your metabolism and eventually causes you to gain even more weight. Typical diets can have negative consequences on your health and well-being. They generally do one of two things:

1. Overly stimulate your system so you feel jittery and edgy, or2. Overly depress your system so you lose your appetite and feel lethargic.

SunTrim Plus is a fast-acting formula that works from the first time you take it. After just 30 minutes, you feel fuller so you don’t overeat. As you continue to take it, SunTrim Plus can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight by encouraging healthy eating habits. SunTrim Plus produces incredible results by itself! BUT, those who take it with other Sunrider products are having the greatest success. That’s why SunTrim Plus is also available in the Sunrider “pack” – complete with supporting Sunrider products to help you reach your weight management goals.

The SunTrim Plus Pack*

SunTrim Plus — 1 bottle (50 capsules)

SunTrim Plus helps you eat less by creating a sense of fullness to pre-satisfy your hunger. The concentrated herbal formula contains cocoa bean, green coffee bean, resveratrol, green tea, and mangosteen.

Fortune Delight — Raspberry 10/3g packs

Fortune Delight provides healthy, natural hydration backed by the power of antioxidants to promote the benefits of SunTrim Plus while harmonizing with your body’s natural cleansing process.

VitaShake (Strawberry) — 10 pack

VitaShake is a whole-food powder with fewer than 100 calories a serving, no cholesterol, very low sodium, and very low sugar, making it an ideal supplement to help achieve your weight loss goals.

SunBar (Oatmeal Raisin) — 10 pack

SunBar provides true nutrition and sustained energy in a concentrated herbal food bar. Rich in fiber and protein, it is made with whole food ingredients such as nuts, grains, herbs, and dried fruits.

SunTrim Plus Brochure — pass this along to someone you love.

One of the ingredients that makes SunTrim Plus stand out above other products, is green coffee bean – featured on The Dr. Oz Show. The most recent study on green coffee bean, (Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal) followed a group of 16 adults who supplemented with green coffee bean for 12 weeks. Over the course of the study, the subjects lost an average of 17 pounds each. This was 10% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat! What’s even more interesting is that the subjects didn’t have to cut their normal eating down to a ridiculously low number of calories to lose weight.

Green coffee beans contain highly concentrated chlorogenic acid which has been proven to have two weight loss properties:

1. Causes the liver to metabolize fat at a rapid rate. It is now recognized as the fastest fat burner available.2. Inhibits the body’s ability to absorb glucose. This lowers insulin levels, so the liver responds by not storing fat.

In other words, green coffee beans stop the body from absorbing fat while burning up fat deposits stored in the back, thighs, chest, and stomach. Green Coffee Beans support rapid weight loss with little effort.

SunTrim Plus, was researched and formulated by the same master herbalist who formulated all the Sunrider products—Dr. Tei-Fu Chen. It is unlike any other weight loss formula. Made with concentrated antioxidants that support your healthy weight management goals, it is safe, effective, and natural; it won’t make you sluggish, moody, or jittery. No fillers, No stimulants, and No depressants! The concentrated herbal formula “pre-satisfies” your appetite and burns excess fat.

*How to take SunTrim Plus

Take 3 capsules, three times a day with water, Calli Tea, or Fortune Delight 30 minutes before a meal (including Sunrider meals – NuPlus & VitaShake). Take it 3 times a day, even if you only eat 2 meals a day. This keeps your metabolism set to burn unwanted fat.

Stay committed to the whole Sunrider program and feel the difference in 2015.

Another way to make 2015 a great year is become aware of the toxins that surround you and how to avoid them. My book, The Pure Cure is a guide to freeing your life from dangerous toxins. When you do that your life and your health take on an added dimension.

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Happy Holidays! Sharyn