How DNA Testing Can Help Your Healing Journey

No matter what health complication you are in the process of healing from, mental or physical, DNA testing can be a crucial step in helping you during your healing journey. At Wynters Way, we provide you with the resources you need to live life to your healthiest. There are many benefits to DNA testing, keep reading to learn some of them and start your wellness journey the Winters Way!

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Mental Wellness

If you struggle with mental health conditions like anxiety or depression and you are trying to heal from those issues, DNA testing can help! With DNA testing, you can take a look into your family history to see if other people in your bloodline struggled from similar issues. This is not only a great way to know if you do have or may experience mental health issues, but it can also be helpful for doctors in order to provide the care you need to feel better.

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Physical Wellness

If you think you may be suffering from a physical problem, DNA testing can help you to determine what may be happening. DNA testing can help you to see what physical illnesses your relatives and family members have suffered from in the past. Not only can this help you understand what issues you may be at risk of developing, but it can help you catch problems early on in order to take care of them!

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Different for Everyone

Everyone’s healing journey is going to look different. However, one thing everyone has in common is the need to take a DNA test. Although you may determine different routes of healing compared to other people who suffer from the same complications, a DNA test can help you to know what to expect in the future of your own personal health.

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Healthy Living the Wynters Way

No matter where you are on your healing journey, Winters Way can help you. Sharyn Winters is a naturopath, nutritionist, holistic healer, and author, whose highest priority is to help people seek out healthier living. From books to food and water products, you can find what you need during your healing journey with us!

Whether you feel mental or physical pain or you are curious about what is in store for your future health, DNA testing can help! Join Wynters Way during your health journey to learn more things that can help you meet your goals!