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Sharyn Wynters – Naturopath, Nutritionalist, Holistic Healer, and Author

In my practice, I focus on nutrition and education. I spend time deciphering the fears that other doctors have put into people’s heads. An important part of healing is learning to listen to your inner voice. Healing is an adventure! A person’s illness is the beginning of their journey into the discovery of what it is for them to become healthier. Illness is our body trying to teach us how to be well.

A major health problem exists today — stress! Colitis, ulcers, digestive disorders, hypoglycemia, and nervous breakdowns are just some of the stress-related afflictions that result from our contemporary lifestyle. Everything is so fast-paced — it's all instant information. These stresses put an unusual strain on the body, causing poor digestion, muscle tension, and many related problems. There is frustration. We’re losing control. As the problems continue to rise, they interfere with the body’s normal function and we get sick.

All systems must work together for a healthy body. It won’t happen unless the digestive system, nervous system, and all mental and emotional systems are operating in harmony with each other. If any one of these systems is functioning poorly, it causes strain on the other systems.

We must think of the body as a whole and observe the interaction of all body systems. Maintaining health means dealing with the body as a whole system. For the last 50 years, orthodox medicine has treated disease with an allopathic approach. For headaches, there are about 47 varieties of aspirin. If we get an infection, bring on antibiotics. For cancer, try radiation, chemotherapy, or even surgery. This is the way modern medicine treats disease, by attacking the system. The natural health practitioner, on the other hand, treats health as a state of constant renewal and the philosophy of regeneration.

90% of the diseases affecting humans are degenerative diseases resulting from the body’s life-sustaining processes of regeneration not being able to overcome modern-day influences like pesticides, depleted soils, chemical agriculture, processed foods, dirty air, contaminated water, barcode convenience foods, and stress. There is no virus, “bug”, or outside invader for modern medicine to conquer with drugs. The problem is within the body and the answer lies in restoring the processes of good health. We must take responsibility for our own lives and our own bodies. Whether a minor headache or a cancerous tumor, it is up to each of us to find the imbalances indicated and restore our body to overall good health. The only one that can cure us is ourselves.

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Your unique DNA provides clues and markers to provide key insights into your health. Depending on your genetic makeup, your body will react differently to health products and medicine. Wynters Way, partnering with Uforia Brands, uses your DNA sample to tell you how your genetic makeup relates to your health, and discover your nutritional needs. The testing and results are compliant and protected by HIPAA, so your results are only available to you and the team at Uforia Brands. The team is able to use specific genetic markers and actionable genes within your DNA to find any maladies that you are predisposed to and create a Precision Nutrition formula of health products designed just for you! Every health formula is created with the proper supplements and ingredients that are designed to help you feel younger, stronger, and healthier!

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Wynters Way is also proud to partner with Prime My Body for CBD pain relief and health products! Our Essentials hemp extract line has been proven to reduce perceived stress, enhance sleep patterns, and boost basic and complex cognitive processes, including attention, memory, and concentration. Shop now for natural relief!

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